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Marijuana RSO Oil Syringe – RSO Oil1 gramTHC: 60.44 mg
CBD: 1.2 mg
CBN: 0.70 mg




RSO 1gram. What you should know about Rick Simpson’s oil or RSO is that it is an oil made from the flowers of the cannabis (marijuana) plant, gets attention online from people who claim it treats cancer. There’s no solid evidence for it. But some early research suggests that some chemicals in marijuana have future potential as a cancer treatment.
Cannabis oil comes in many types and formulations. These include cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which is often part of medical marijuana.
Unlike many other cannabis oils, Rick Simpson Oil is high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana. THC is the chemical in marijuana that provides the “high.”

This 1 gram Pure RSO oil syringe concentrate provides the best 100% pure Rick Simpson Oil for relief of many symptoms. Rick Simpson Oil or commonly referred to as RSO is spreading across the cancer community like wildfire, extracted with CO2/RSO system that allows the Cannabinoids to really function properly and fire on all cylinders, the product actually works!! This Rick Simpson Oil is exactly what you have been looking for. The Rick Simpson oil in syringe form can easily be applied under the tongue, put into a vaporizer, or used to create edible treats.


Rick Simpson is a Canadian engineer who worked at a hospital in Canada in 1997. Simpson had an accident in which he knocked his head and he would suffer from dizzy spells and ringing in his head for years, with prescribed medication having no little or no effect, and in some cases made the symptoms even worse.
After seeing a documentary highlighting the positive benefits of medical cannabis, Simpson sourced cannabis of his own accord and saw significant symptomatic improvement after his doctor refused to consider cannabis as a course of treatment. A few years later Simpson noticed three suspicious bumps on his arm that would turn out to be basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. After successfully treating his symptoms in the past with cannabis, he turned back to the cannabis plant for his treatment after hearing about a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that found THC impacted certain forms of cancer cells in mice.
For four days he treated his skin cancer topically, applying concentrated cannabis oil to a bandage and leaving the spots covered. When Simpson removed the bandages he was in shock to find that the growths had disappeared. While his doctor refused to acknowledge cannabis as an alternative treatment option, Simpson was now a true believer in medical cannabis.
It was from there on out that Simpson began cultivating his own cannabis and creating his own specialized form of cannabis concentrated, now known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). A popular cannabis information site known as Leafly Notes had this to say about him; “It became his mission and goal to distribute cannabis oil to those who needed it, free of charge.” Simpson would go on to treat more than 5,000 patients with his RSO while facing continuous arrest, persecution, and raids. To this day, Simpson continues to spread the word of his findings. RSO 1GRAM

Rick Simpson Oil


The goal of an RSO protocol is to consume 60 grams of Rick Simpson Oil in 90 days. This is a very large
amount of cannabis oil and should be taken with caution, increasing the dose gradually to avoid adverse
effects. Below is a suggested outline for increasing the dose until the recommended 1 gram per day dose is

Week 1: Start with 3 doses per day (morning, midday, before bed) every 8 hours
Half of a grain of rice per dose

Week 2-5: Double your dose every 4 days, maintaining the 3x per day schedule

Week 5-12: 1 gram per day (split across 3 doses) until the entire 60 grams of oil is consumed

Week 12+: Reduce to a maintenance dose (1-2 grams total per month)



In addition to cancer, RSO is said to also treat:

-Multiple sclerosis
-High blood pressure

THC is a psychoactive substance, meaning it can produce a range of psychological symptoms, such as:


It can also cause physical side effects, such as:
-low blood pressure
-bloodshot eyes
-slow digestion
-sleeping issues
-impaired motor control and reaction time
-impaired memory
However, these side effects may only last for a few hours and usually don’t pose any major health risks.

27 reviews for RSO 1 gram

  1. Jerry k.

    I have used these guys for around 4 years ! Took me ages and I mean ages to find a legit supplier. I was on the dark web being mugged off with Bitcoin and nonsense, I spoke to these guys and what arrived in the post from the states was better than I could of ever imagined. Hella thanks guys

  2. Jackson T.

    My first bout with cancer occurred a few years later. The doctors cut a wedge out of my lip. Soon after, I noticed a lump on my neck. By the time they were done I couldn’t talk, plus they cut the nerve in my neck. I had to learn how to talk again. The radiation they used on me was so strong it burned my throat. I found out about RSO through the I’ve made about 50 new friends since 2020. I would have never known about this oil and I would have died. That’s no BS. I started putting on the RSO and after ten days I saw it. The cancer started to break up before my eyes. It looked like a big white callous, and it started to fragment and break up! It was unbelievable. I called my Dermotologist, told him the cancer was back and that I was treating it with marijuana. Today he’s a believer too. Thanks in a million

  3. Patrick H.

    This is one of the few legit sources for real RSO. They helped me through my battle with pancreatic cancer.

  4. Tyler N.

    Amazing product and customer service. Staff was always available when we had dosage questions. My dad was able to successfully treat his stage 4 lung cancer with the Full Treatment program. He never used cannabis before so communication was vital and they delivered. Many thanks

  5. Tatiana

    Rapid response / rapid delivery
    Excellent quality oil
    Price is consistent with other suppliers

  6. Stacy

    Incredible service and product. This was a huge blessing for my mom and our family. It’s been tough watching my mom go through chemo, and this changed our lives. Thank you so much.

  7. Barry D.

    This organization has truly changed my life. My family and I are so grateful. My chemo was such a scare and struggle. Their products, knowledgeable staff, and incredible RSO are high quality and work. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  8. Zack Trevor

    This is one of the few places that offer REAL Rick Simpson Oil online. Don’t be fooled by those scam sites that steal content and run after you pay them. Always check with They got it all

  9. Stéphane B.

    100% Natural Products. You should try it out

  10. Dayle E.

    Absolutely blown away with these and this purchase! Exceeded my expectations and arrived in less.then 2 days! Will be back for more!!

  11. Reuben

    Received my order in 3 days! The oil Were huge! Great experience. Will be ordering from here again. I fell reborn. Thanks 🙂

  12. Kevin G.

    Fast service, excellent product.

  13. Thomas B.

    seems fresh and well-packaged, great product

  14. Jason colter

    Great healing seamed fresh. Effects came in 3hrs after ingestion

  15. Anita

    Wow is all that can be said. Cancer free and happy.

  16. Mirella K

    Very nice! Thanks for my package once again

  17. Jonas J.

    Best quality / price ratio. This is good for everyone. Take more if you want a stronger experience and healing.

  18. Julia D

    fabulous product, fast service, super quality

  19. robertphillips

    I got my order within 3 days which was great! I’ve taken plenty of RSO and I found these were good for me and being functional throughout the day, but if you’re looking to cure yourself from cancer, you made the right choice and right site to order.🙂

  20. Jason Arkell

    I enjoyed using this product.

  21. Juan Antonio R.

    Fantastic!!! 🙂

  22. Daniel B.

    I had been reading about RSO and their potential to help with cancer and depression and decided to give it a try. Depression has plagued me in a major way for the last 7 years . I didn’t know what to expect so I started off with a small amount on a Sunday afternoon. The main thing I noticed that first day was that I was very observant of my surroundings and rather than sitting around bemoaning my plight I spent the day and evening singing happy songs and being productive. It has been 2 weeks and I have been taking a small dose twice a week. My depression has all but vanished. Quality of life in the last two weeks has improved immeasurably. I’m going to order some more.

  23. Peter

    Amazing experience. Was a deep spiritual time for my wife and I. We felt a deeper connection to our surroundings and each other. Came out of it very easy and relaxed and the rest of the day was amazing!

  24. Scott jack

    Love this site
    Love the products ❤️

  25. Jimmy downing

    Really like my shit
    Thanks alot

  26. Zuriel Raider

    Can’t know it to you try it one of the best site ever ❤️

  27. Austin Dest

    High quality products

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