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RSO 20 grams is a marijuana extract made utilizing a solvent to extract cannabinoids. The most common solvent used to produce RSO is a grain alcohol, but some other solvents like ethanol or butane are sometimes used. Flower (bud) material is however placed in a large container and alcohol is added. The entire mixture is stirred and crushed into the alcohol. After a time, the alcohol is drained from the remaining plant material. That mixture is then heated in a container, such as a rice cooker so that the residual alcohol evaporates. The end product is a high-potency oil often dark in color with a thick consistency. RSO can be siphoned into a syringe-style applicator for dosing which offers the advantage of a long shelf life as oxidation does not easily occur.

Typically, a single syringe of RSO contains around 600 mg of THC. However, this is dependent upon the source material used. Meanwhile, traditional RSO is made from Indica plants that are high in THC. However, any strain can be used to make RSO. The final results will depend upon what strains were used and the moisture content of the plants themselves. The strains used also account for the color and consistency of the oil.


Rick Simpson is a Canadian engineer who worked at a hospital in Canada in 1997. Simpson had an accident in which he knocked his head and he will suffer from dizzy spells and ringing in his head for years, with prescribed medication having no little or no effect, and in some cases making the symptoms even worse.

After seeing a documentary highlighting the positive benefits of medical cannabis, Simpson sourced cannabis of his own accord and saw significant symptomatic improvement after his doctor refused to consider cannabis as a course of treatment. A few years later Simpson noticed three suspicious bumps on his arm that would turn out to be basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. After successfully treating his symptoms in the past with cannabis, he turned back to the cannabis plant for his treatment after hearing about a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that found THC impacted certain forms of cancer cells in mice.


For four days he treated his skin cancer topically, applying concentrated cannabis oil to a bandage and leaving the spots covered. When Simpson removed the bandages he was in shock to find that the growths had disappeared. While his doctor refused to acknowledge cannabis as an alternative treatment option, Simpson was now a true believer in medical cannabis.

It was from there on out that Simpson began cultivating his own cannabis and creating his own specialized form of cannabis concentrated, now known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). A popular cannabis information site known as Leafly Notes had this to say about him; “It became his mission and goal to distribute cannabis oil to those who needed it, free of charge.” Simpson would go on to treat more than 5,000 patients with his RSO while facing continuous arrest, persecution, and raids. To this day, Simpson continues to spread the word about his findings.


In the first week, three doses should be taken each day, once in the morning, afternoon, and at night. RSO is very potent. The beginning dose should be the size of a half a grain of rice. After the first week, the measured dose should be doubled every four days. It will take approximately three to five weeks before the dosage reaches a full gram of RSO in a day. Continue to take a full gram in a day until the full 60 grams are consumed. RSO 20 Grams


Positive Side Effects

In addition to cancer, RSO is said to also treat:

Multiple sclerosis
High blood pressure

Negative Effects

Slow digestion
Sleeping issues
Impaired motor control and reaction time
Impaired memory
However, these side effects may only last for a few hours and usually don’t pose any major health risks.

The biggest risk associated with RSO is that there isn’t much evidence that it effectively treats cancer. This becomes very dangerous if someone stops following their doctor’s recommended cancer treatment. If the RSO doesn’t work, cancer can continue to grow and become harder and harder to treat. Even with conventional methods, such as chemotherapy.


Can you smoke or dab RSO?
As RSO is an oil, it can be smoked or dabbed. However, it depends on what solvent was used to make it. If a highly flammable solvent was used, do not attempt to smoke or dab RSO. Always check with your budtender on how the product was created. Whether or not it is safe to dab or smoke. RSO 20 Grams


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    Excellent service Exactly what I was looking for. A shop for RSO that ships overseas. Great service, solid packaging, good price. The parcel arrived after 4 days in Thailand. Tracking was easy and the staff always responded quickly and politely to my questions. A clear recommendation!

  11. Marion

    Excellent service Exactly what I was looking for. A shop for RSO that ships overseas. Great service, solid packaging, good price. The parcel arrived after 4 days in Thailand. Tracking was easy and the staff always responded quickly and politely to my questions. A clear recommendation!

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    Perfect shipping time, product arrived within 3 days, and also RSO products are absolutely nuts love it 🥰 Cancer free

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    How do I even begin to thank you for this amazing customer care, packaging and high quality product that I was finding impossible to get shipped here?! Truly amazing. We are so grateful, my husband and me. We find this is the best thing for his PTSD and we had run out of the stuff we had shipped to Italy and lucked out to have a bnb host accept delivery. Such a hassle here. So your service is a godsend.

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    Just the best for my cancer. I feel relieve and good for the day. But yeah rick simpson must be a pimp. A whole line and type of concentrate is named after the guy. We should all be so fortunate and lucky to provide the world with such a gift. Thanks Ricky

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    Friendly helpful customer service, fast shipping and great packaging my product arrived in great shape and without any damage. Wish there was an option to Ship more weight to the states I would love to order some RSO

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    Been pretty addicted to weed for the last 8 years and have tried it all the different ways. Nothing feels as good or hits as nice as some good RSO. It’s also good for you (your body, not nec your brain). Thanks guys

  40. Kevin

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